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Our Studio

URBAN is a multifaceted creative studio 

that partners with brands, agencies, and production companies to amplify their creative output. We take a 360-degree, holistic, and integrative approach.

We Love Collaboration
and see our clients as partners at every stage of the game, from pre-production to post. Whether we’re doing design, animation, or VFX, we believe the most powerful work happens when people with different experiences and talents come together. We have services for every stage of the creative process—storyboard, styleframe design, look development and photorealistic rendering to name a few—and we’ve built a team with skills to match.
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We’ve partnered with luxury brands since the beginning,
with decades of experience producing at the highest level. We’ve always been about top tier execution; the only thing that’s changed over time is that we have more to offer. What differentiates us is a unique combination of expertise, tools, and talent—everything you need to produce best-in-class creative work, as well as a great workspace filled with talented team members that know exactly how to do it.


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